F&I Products

Indian of New Orleans is now happy to announce some NEW products available on ALL bikes. 

Tire and Wheel Protection

We now offer a Tire and Wheel protection package that covers your bike for 5 years for only $700. All tire and rim damage, parts and labor are also included. No deductible. Policy is good nationwide  and in Canada. Limited roadside assistance. Even available on Slingslots and Trikes! 

Simoniz by MotoTech! 

This glass, ceramic clear coat protects paint, leather and chrome. No cleaning. No waxing. No garage or tarps needed. Vinyl and leather seats do not tear or crack. Paint does not fade. Pitting, bubbling and flaking is covered on the chrome. It's like a force field bubble around your bike. Nothing sticks to your bike such as dirt, bird waste, tree sap and tar!  

Pre owned bikes have a 5 year warranty (can be re-applied at the end of 5 years.) And NEW bike purchases, it has a LIFETIME warranty! Takes about an hour to apply in our Service Dept and an appt would be necessary. $800

Contact Michele in the Finance Department to purchase or if you have any questions. Payment can be done over the phone!